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NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) offers a way of understanding how we, as unique individuals, operate in the world. It provides us with ways to make the changes we want to make easily and naturally so that we can live, express and develop ourselves fully.

NLP was developed in the 1970s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, who set out to discover how people who were excellent in their fields created and maintained their high levels of performance. It has been developed into a set of powerful tools which can help us all to improve our personal and professional effectiveness in any area we choose: communication, relationships, sport, business, health, therapy and education, among others.

Creating Compelling Futures

Since the early days, NLP has attracted people from a wide range of disciplines. It can be, and is, applied successfully in a wide variety of different fields.

It is particularly known for the effectiveness of the change techniques at its core. By setting clear and compelling goals you can use these change techniques to enhance your life and overcome any obstacles or fears that may be blocking you.

Personal change processes are only half of the NLP story. Everything we do can be applied in different ways and different situations. Past graduates are using the techniques to improve their communication, leadership, team work and influencing skills generally, and to assist them in making effective decisions about their futures.


group pictureJoyous Isle offers the following NLP workshops :

Dare To Dream:
An introduction to NLP — a 2-day workshop

This workshop will introduce the basic principles and tools of NLP, which will provide powerful and effective ways of understanding who you are, what you want out of life and how to achieve those things easily and in ways that dovetail with the dreams of the other important people in your life.

This workshop can be taken as a one-off introduction to NLP, or can form part of the NLP Practitioner Training.

What people have said about our "Dare to Dream" weekends:

Dear Sarah, thank you so much for creating such a wonderful space in which we all worked together. I got heaps and heaps from just 2 days — you are awesome! — Julia

Just a quick note to thank you for a wonderful weekend........the Introduction to NLP was brilliant and I thought Sarah was absolutely amazing. I noticed how I soon felt relaxed enough to open up in such a warm and loving atmosphere and it has certainly left me with a desire to learn more. Please pass on my thanks to Sarah — Debbie

I absolutely enjoyed my NLP weekend with Sarah. For me it has been a life altering experience!!!!! — Esther

I would like to say that the NLP taster course was fantastic and has really helped me in understanding others and myself at both work and home. Many thanks — SW

The NLP weekend was so informative, fun, welcoming, and life changing! — Joanne

The NLP weekend with Sarah was excellent. Never having done anything vaguely it before I didn't know quite what to expect and arrived feeling mainly hopeful and interested, but partly cynical. I found the two days a very enlightening and positive experience.
The choice of venue is brilliant and sharing lunch a great idea. I found the sessions to be a really good mix of theory and practical exercises with lots of stories and examples from Sarah that turned out to be more relevant than I first anticipated. I really liked Sarah's style and her level of perception is almost incredible. I left feeling completely exhausted but as if a huge weight had been lifted from me. I am now heading towards a goal I understand more clearly and am confident that I will take the right actions to get there soon.
Thanks again for arranging a great weekend. — AH

NLP Practitioner Training (ANLP Accredited)

Over 7 weekends, in a friendly, supportive group environment, you will discover simple and powerful ways of enhancing what you do in every area of your life, personally and professionally. Past participants on our courses have included: business people, educators, doctors, parents, social workers and probation officers, lawyers, therapists, trainers and consultants.

You will Learn how to:

We know that people learn most effectively when they are relaxed and having fun, so come prepared to join in and learn in ways you probably never imagined were possible at school!

This course is amazing. I found it really interesting and just so fun. It was so good to learn so much and laugh while doing so. It was much more fun than school! It leaves you wanting more. It has really helped my patients who are in chronic pain with their mindset and to move forward.
Stina, Physiotherapist, Hampshire

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Our NLP Master Practitioner training is designed to allow you to build on and transcend the skills and intuitions you have developed in your NLP journey so far. You will learn how to become a master of some of the most effective tools for change that exist in our world today. And you will learn how to apply those tools with total integrity in a number of different contexts, including leadership, physical and mental health, education, creativity, business, amongst others.

The core of the programme is modelling success and discovering the most important and relevant patterns, strategies and models that people use to deliver successful performance, their truth, in all walks of life.

You will also spend creative time developing, working on and delivering your own project and coaching other participants as they move forward through the programme with you.

It was again such a powerful, powerful weekend. I can feel shifts already — lots more assertiveness and confidence. Keep it coming! - Gill.

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