THE TRANSPERSONAL JOURNEY — series of 3 workshops

What exactly does 'Transpersonal' mean?

The prefix 'trans' means 'beyond', so when we say 'transpersonal' we are talking about something beyond our everyday selves — often referred to as the Self, with a capital 'S'. This 'Self' is also known as the soul or higher self. It is the part of us that knows on a deeper level what our life is about, and what aspects of ourselves we need to bring to the fore to express who we truly are.

Learning to access the supportive guidance of our Self is invaluable in our search to lead happier, more meaningful lives, and to fulfil our soul purpose.

We can learn to listen to this guidance in meditation, in observation of nature and the world around us, and through our dreams as well as our creative process.

About Ian Thorp:

Ian is a qualified and experienced teacher, artist and musician, with training in Humanistic Counselling and Transpersonal Psychotherapy and a Master's in Transpersonal Arts and Practice. He has held various posts within the Counselling Departments of Huntingdon and Melton Mowbray Regional Colleges, as a supervisor, trainer and moderator, following many years' experience in industry and commerce.

Ian has been facilitating and teaching transpersonal workshops and experiential days in Britain and Ireland since 1994. He works integratively — rooted in the transpersonal perspective with extensive knowledge of working at soul level.

Ian trained in Transpersonal Psychology with Hazel Marshall, who had attended the original trainings run by Ian Gordon-Brown and Barbara Somers. At these seminars, Hazel had made thorough notes of the teachings, which, along with information from sound recordings made at the time, have now been published in four volumes by Archive Publishing, Ian's publishing company, with Hazel as Editor.

The Transpersonal Journey workshops:

These workshops offer people seeking personal growth the chance to explore their own inner worlds, gain insight into their unconscious patterns, work towards freedom from the control of those patterns and thus find more meaning in their lives. They are an ideal introduction to the Transpersonal approach; no previous experience of this work is required.

The workshops are a series of 3, and need to be taken in order. However, you do not need to commit to the whole series to be able to start the journey.

The three workshops:

are run on an on-going basis when we have a group ready to start. Please let us know if you would like to register interest and we will give you information on forthcoming dates. A certificate of attendance will be given for CPD purposes (14 hours per workshop).

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This workshop starts the journey towards a deeper understanding of the Self. Sometimes called the spirit/soul/higher self, the Self speaks to us through the personality in the form of dreams, symbol and imagery in a way that enables us to make more effective choices in our lives.

Flowing easily between accessible theory, discussion and experiential practice, the session opens us to the richness and fullness of our inner and outer worlds, through inner exploration. We can share in intimate groups, and take time out for self-reflection, partaking in the transpersonal process as it unfolds.

Workshop topics include: Dreams, Symbols, Imaging, Sub-personalities, Maps of the Psyche and an introduction to the Four Functions (how we perceive, interpret and respond to reality).


This workshop continues the journey of exploration within; the ways we express ourselves in the world as we grapple with the duality implicit in our being. We look at the great polarities of inner/outer, head/heart, yin/yang, anima/animus, masculine/feminine, and how these affect our lives. The workshop is not so much about women and men, as about the masculine and feminine present within each one of us.

The great impulse to become whole leads us towards the need for balance in mind, body and emotions and the means of expressing ourselves through creativity and intuition to maintain it and the health we seek.

Workshop topics include: The Four Partners at the Marriage, Container and Contained, Symptom as Symbol and much more.


Mandala by Ian Thorp

This workshop ends the cycle of three and presupposes a profound level of inner work; patterns and cycles emerge, energies and qualities. We explore the mystery of archetypes (queen, father, ruler, priestess, priest-healer, philosopher, maiden, idealist, artist, magician, for instance), asking which of them affect our own lives.

We explore our projections to see where we have placed our energies through the changes and cycles of our lives. We begin to understand that it is wholeness we seek and not perfection.

The first two workshops looked up and out, within and down: the self reaching towards the Self. In this third one, some descending lines have been established, down from the Transpersonal, back from the Self to us.

Workshop topics include: Control Patterns, Projections, Stages of Life, Archetypes.

About Transpersonal Psychology:

Transpersonal Psychology differs from other psychologies in that it recognises the existence of Soul and Spirit as well as mind, body and emotions. It further recognises that the soul that exists within each individual is part of the collective soul of the world and indeed of the Cosmos

In the 1970s, Transpersonal Psychology was first introduced to the UK by Ian Gordon-Brown and Barbara Somers, who ran workshops together until Ian's death in 1996.

The three Transpersonal Journey workshops come from the original work of Ian and Barbara.